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7641 Grinde Rd. DeForest, WI  53532
For sale - $289,900.00
Accepted offer - $289,900.00

Madison RV Rentals Business Expansion- Accepted Offer

House Info

Spacious 3 bedroom, 1.5 bath home

Average market rent $2100.00 month

Our son will be occupying the house and running the day-to-day operation of our business from the location.  He also has an e-commerce online business he will operate concurrently. He will be paying rent to cover the principle and interest of the mortgage, approximately $1,400.00 monthly. 

The responsibilities of running the business are as follows: greeting renters when they pickup the RV, provide them an overview of how to operate the unit they've reserved, pictures and videos documenting the condition of the unit inside and out, signing the condition report which includes mileage on motorhomes, giving a driving test to the renter assuring their comfort and confidence driving or pulling a unit. Upon return, he will check-in units and inspect for any damage inside and out, assure the tanks are dumped and clean and clean and sanitize each unit. Occasionally, laundry will have to be done if a customer rented bedding and/or towels. Also, for any units operating on site as an Airbnb, he will be responsible for the same tasks. Our RV rental business operates from spring through fall.

RV Rental Info

RV Rental & Wisconsin Fun Bus

Business Growth Projection

The graphics below show the growth in our business. We bought older units with low miles and "good bones" then renovate them offering style and comfort for our customers. They are expertly and vigilantly maintained by Goodyear Commercial Truck Service. We have reinvested everything we have earned from the rentals into the units.

Our biggest challenge, and frustration, is having a "home" for our current business. We need an adequate space to do the reno work we do and a place where we can expand and grow. The renovation work would be better and more affordably accomplished by having a building with tall (14 foot) doors allowing us to do "winter work" (off season).

We can grow our business revenue by at least 20% by managing privately owned RV rentals. Typically this is done with an agreement to split rental revenue 50/50 with the owner paying all expenses. This affords us additional revenue without capitol expense.

According to the images below, the average rental is $917.38 and 30 rentals per season. Based on just that example, our shared revenue would be $13,760.70. And that's just our 7 units. 

Having this property not only allows us to own and/or manage more units, but also saves labor cost of hiring help as my son will live in the house, pay less than market rent and work for us.

Revenue from Start Date September 2018 to June 24, 2022
Summary $166,057.83

Additional revenue of $9,153.85 will be deposited when future reservations pay their balance due (2 weeks prior to departure)

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